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SSRgenotyper: Free Bioinformatic Tool to Digitally Genotype Simple Sequence Repeats

SSRgenotyper is a newly developed, free bioinformatic tool that allows researchers to digitally genotype sequenced populations using simple sequence repeats (SSRs), a task that previously required time-consuming lab-based methods. Reporting in a recent issue of Applications in Plant Sciences, the tool’s developers designed the program to seamlessly integrate with other applications currently used for the […]

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Tool Encoded in Coronaviruses Provides a Potential Drug Target for COVID-19

Viruses make copies of themselves during an infection, and new research sheds light on one of the coronavirus molecules that is important for this process, providing a potential drug target that could work for Covid-19 and other coronavirus outbreaks too. Coronaviruses exploit our cells so they can make copies of themselves inside us. After they […]

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