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How Long Will Space Junk Take to Burn Up? Here’s a Handy Chart

If the Roman Empire had been able to launch a satellite in a relatively high Low Earth Orbit – say about 1,200 km (750 miles) in altitude – only now would that satellite be close to falling back to Earth. And if the dinosaurs had launched a satellite into the furthest geostationary orbit – 36,000 […]

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‘Debris’ revealed: Take a 1st look at NBC’s new sci-fi alien drama

[embedded content] Better don a hardhat and duck! Dropping out of the sky and landing on NBC next month, “Debris” is a new UFO mystery series with a serious paranormal pedigree. The peacock network has recently delivered the first teaser trailer and key art to entice springtime viewers. This intriguing otherworldly thriller originates from J.H. […]

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