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NASA’s Unprecedented Map of Sun’s Magnetic Field – Including the Mysterious Chromosphere

The chromosphere, photographed during the 1999 total solar eclipse. The red and pink hues – light emitted by hydrogen – earned it the name chromosphere, from the Greek “chrôma” meaning color. Credit: Luc Viatour For decades after its discovery, observers could only see the solar chromosphere for a few fleeting moments: during a total solar […]

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Unprecedented Map of the Sun’s Magnetic Field Created by CLASP2 Space Experiment

Artistic visualization of the Sun’s magnetic field in the active region observed by CLASP2. Credit: Gabriel Pérez Díaz, SMM (IAC) Every day space telescopes provide spectacular images of the solar activity. However, their instruments are blind to its main driver: the magnetic field in the outer layers of the solar atmosphere, where the explosive events […]

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