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The first helicopter on Mars phones home after Perseverance rover landing

The first helicopter ever sent to another world is doing just fine on Mars after surviving a “seven minutes of terror” landing aboard NASA’s Perseverance. The Ingenuity helicopter, which landed on Mars with Perseverance on Thursday (Feb. 18), is awake and communicating with controllers on Earth. Controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) received a […]

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Graphene “Nano-Origami” Creates Tiniest Microchips Yet – Could Make Computers and Phones Thousands of Times Faster

The base of the 2D-material with the white lines showing the structural kinks which modify the electrical properties mechanically. Credit: University of Sussex Nanomaterial developments could lead to computers and phones running thousands of times faster. The tiniest microchips yet can be made from graphene and other 2D-materials, using a form of ‘nano-origami’, physicists at […]

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