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Cygnus X-1 was the First Black Hole Ever Found. New Measurements Show it’s Much More Massive Than Previously Believed

In 1964 two Aerobee suborbital rockets were launched with the goal of mapping x-ray sources in the sky. Each rocket contained a directed Geiger counter, so that as the rocket rotated at the peak of its trajectory to measure the direction of x-ray sources. The project discovered eight x-ray sources, including a particularly bright one […]

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Electric Vehicles Are Driven Less Often Than Policymakers Think – 1/2 As Much as Conventional Cars

By studying electricity meter measurements and electric vehicle registration records in California, researchers found that state regulators are overestimating how often people drive their EVs. Research indicates electric vehicles are used half as much as conventional cars. As the Biden administration pledges to move the country toward electric vehicles (EVs), and states like California work […]

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First Black Hole Ever Detected – Cygnus X-1 – Is Much More Massive Than We Thought

New observations of the first black hole ever detected have led astronomers to question what they know about the Universe’s most mysterious objects. Published today (February 18, 2021) in the journal Science, the research shows the system known as Cygnus X-1 contains the most massive stellar-mass black hole ever detected without the use of gravitational […]

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