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Weird rodent glows under UV light with disco swirls of pink and orange

In the scientific world right now, it’s mammals’ time to shine — literally.  Researchers are building a growing (and glowing) list of fluorescent mammals, and a new addition, an endearing jumping rodent called the springhare, just leaped into the spotlight, its brown fur lighting up in swirling disco patterns of pink and orange under ultraviolet (UV) […]

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Light From Inside Galaxy Clusters May Be Linked With Mysterious Form of Matter

Scientists compared simulations of intracluster light (left) to images taken by telescope (right). The simulation helps pull out the intracluster light, visible as the haze at left. Credit: Left image: Jesse Golden-Marx; simulation by The IllustrisTNG. Right image: Dark Energy Survey and Yuanyuan Zhang Dark Energy Survey Finds New Evidence for Emerging Way to Measure […]

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“Multiplying” Light Signals Could Be Key to Ultra-Powerful Optical Computers

New type of optical computing could solve highly complex problems that are out of reach for even the most powerful supercomputers. An important class of challenging computational problems, with applications in graph theory, neural networks, artificial intelligence, and error-correcting codes can be solved by multiplying light signals, according to researchers from the University of Cambridge […]

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