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Unknown Milky Way Signal –“A Gravitational Wave, Cosmic String, or Primordial Black Hole?”

In 1993 Stephen Hawking proposed in Black Holes and Baby Universes that there might be “primordial black holes which were formed in the early universe that could be less than the size of the nucleus of an atom, yet their mass could be a billion tons, the mass of Mount Fuji. A black hole weighing […]

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“First Second After” –Gravitational Waves Unveil Hidden Secrets of the Big Bang

Posted on Feb 22, 2021 in Astronomy, Big Bang, Black Holes, Cosmology, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Physics, quantum physics, Science, Spacetime “It is undeniable that we are profoundly puzzled, especially when it comes to the first fraction of a second that followed the Big Bang,” wrote theoretical physicist Dan Hooper, author of The Edge of […]

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