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New “Metalens” Shifts Focus Without Moving – Enables Miniature Zoom Lenses for Drones, Cellphones, or Night-Vision Goggles

A new MIT-fabricated metalens shifts focus without tilting, shifting, or otherwise moving. The design may enable miniature zoom lenses for drones, cellphones, or night-vision goggles. Credit: Courtesy of the researchers Polished glass has been at the center of imaging systems for centuries. Their precise curvature enables lenses to focus light and produce sharp images, whether […]

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DNA Origami Enables Fabricating Superconducting Nanowires for Nanoelectronic Circuits of the Future

Fabricating nanoelectronic circuits of the future just got a lot more interesting, thanks to DNA origami. The quest for ever-smaller electronic components led an international group of researchers to explore using molecular building blocks to create them. DNA is able to self-assemble into arbitrary structures, but the challenge with using these structures for nanoelectronic circuits […]

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