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More Than 87,000 Scientific Papers Published on Coronavirus Since Start of COVID Pandemic

Scientists from around the world have published more than 87,000 papers about coronavirus between the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and October 2020, a new analysis shows. Even given the importance of the pandemic, researchers were surprised by the huge number of studies and other papers that scientists produced on the subject in such a […]

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Stress Was Leading Reason Teachers Quit Before Pandemic – COVID Has Made Matters Worse

Stress was the most common reason teachers cited for leaving the profession before and during the pandemic, according to a RAND Corporation survey of nearly 1,000 former public-school teachers. Three of four former teachers said work was often or always stressful in the most recent year in which they taught in a public school. In […]

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COVID, One Year Later: What Do We Know Now? [Video]

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, ACS Reactions switched up their usual content to bring viewers reliable coronavirus info from the experts. One year later, they’re checking back in with some of those experts and asking, “what do we know now that we didn’t back then?” [embedded content] Video Transcript: So I am in […]

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